Welcoming the Scents of Summer!!

Welcoming the Scents of Summer!!

As the spring weather fades away, and the days start getting longer, it's time to embrace the classic summer scents.  Fill your home with scents that make you think of summer. Our handmade soy wax candles have wooden wicks which add the perfect crackling ambiance. 

In this blog post, we will explore some of the most delightful summer candle scents for the summer season. These include: Southern Sunsets, Island Woods, Sunday Farmer's Market, Tan Lines, Pacific Coast Highway. These beachy scents will bring the essence of summer into your home even if you're not able to make it to the beach this summer. 

  1. Southern Sunsets: If you’ve ever spent a summer in the Southern US, you’ll recognize this floral, honey-sweet aroma. This soft, dreamy scent opens with top notes of lemon and ginger before giving way to a heart of jasmine and honeysuckle. Hints of violet, powder, and amyris mingle with wood notes in the base of this well-rounded floral fragrance.
  2. Island woods: a rich, unique blend of island coconut and exotic mahogany wood. Imagine yourself on a lush tropical island wandering through the woods with the scent of coconuts in the air. 
  3. Sunday Farmer's Market: Think earthy and garden fresh, Sunday Farmer's Market brings to life the scent of freshly crushed tomato leaves. Capture sunshine with citrus and tomato leaf top notes that rest on a heart of fresh summer herbs. A base of green leaves and moss intensifies the earthiness of the fragrance.
  4. Tan Lines: Warm pistachio and coconut cream and a kiss of salted caramel harmonize beautifully with tonka and exotic musks. An irresistible tropical blend of mango slices, pineapple chunks, and orange zest topped off with a splash of coconut milk.
  5. Pacific Coast Highway: Warm bases of woods, amber & musk are nicely balanced with citrus & mint notes to create an aroma reminiscent of being on a beachside trail in a remote tropical location. Think of driving along the Pacific Coast Highway and enjoying the breathtaking scenery and scents of the ocean. 

Our Summer scents will be available on the website 6/11 at 10am EST! We can't wait to share them! 

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