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Christmas Hearth Candle

Christmas Hearth Candle

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Embrace a timeless holiday aroma that weaves the tale of a snug evening, savoring wine by the fireside. Our Christmas Hearth Candle harmoniously blends the spice-infused essence of oranges from the kitchen, the evergreen scents of fir and pine from the Christmas tree, and the earthy, smoky notes from a crackling fireplace. It's like capturing the spirit of Christmas Eve in a bottle, ready to infuse the warmth and magic of the holiday season into any moment.


-Crackling wooden wick 

-100 % American Soy Wax 


-Handmade in Richmond, Virginia 

-Vegan, cruelty-free 

-40+ hour burn time for 8 oz and 100 hours for 16 oz

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