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Ski Lodge Candle

Ski Lodge Candle

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Our Ski Lodge Candle was inspired by the serene imagery of snow-clad pine forests and the brisk Arctic breeze. This wintery, outdoor scent encapsulates the essence of a cold winter's night with its initial notes of eucalyptus and lavender. The core of the fragrance is composed of aromatic pine, while it gently settles on a herbal and woody foundation featuring rosemary, cedar, and oakmoss. This scent transports you to a winter wonderland, creating a crisp and refreshing ambiance.


-Crackling wooden wick 

-100 % American Soy Wax 


-Handmade in Richmond, Virginia 

-Vegan, cruelty-free 

-40+ hour burn time for 8 oz and 100 hours for 16 oz

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