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Pink Coast Candle

Pink Coast Candle

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 Our largest candle at 16 oz! 

-Crackling wooden wick 

-100 % American Soy Wax 


-Handmade in Richmond, Virginia 

-Vegan, cruelty-free 

-100+ hour burn time

Fragrance Description : 

Introducing Pink Coast, our captivating candle with a harmonious blend of notes. The top notes of zesty citrus, succulent melon, and ripe berries create an invigorating opening. A floral heart unfolds with the delicate allure of white jasmine, osmanthus, and fresh greens. The journey concludes with a warm and comforting base of white musk, creamy coconut, and the subtle sweetness of tonka. Immerse your space in a layered symphony of fragrances that evolve with each delightful moment.

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